Currently we are making a new movie to tell a story about stuttering and our concept of the device. Coming soon...
These are Story Art Board that we are making now.

He struggles trying to talks fluently in front of his classmates.

He failed to do so. His classmates look down on him and start to walk away from him.

His self-esteem becomes low.

But still, he couldn’t succeed talking fluently in front of his classmates. So he tries to practice for overcoming stuttering.

And his self-esteem is completely gone. He become to avoid communication. He retreats himself from the society around him.

The appearance of a device that can simulate the experience of stuttering.

The objective of this device is to give a proper understanding about stuttering by introducing the device to the society.

Ordinary people learn that stuttering is definitely getting angry physically. So they can truly understand what the stutterer’s experience feels like. Repeat this process with all other classmates.

Cognition of stuttering spreads throughout the environment around stutterer and they start learning how to get along with stutterer.

By obtaining an understanding of the surrounding people, stuttering is more likely to be accepted in society.

In the meantime, we can make the new world that is full of stuttering who can live in society with confidence.

This device can make a society where stuttering people who are over 70 million people worldwide can live with confidence and self-assurance.